Some thankful words to all who are behind this page

At first I want to thank all for the good feedback to this website which I received from the early beginning. But in fact, I'm just one of several people who help to make this page a good and informative one on the WWW and they earn this positive feedback as well. Here I want to mention everyone, who supports this webpage with ideas, photos, all kinds of different stuff about the boats and anything else. Without you, this page would be nothing! Thank you very much for your great willingness to share material and experiences. This page is your website, too.

Tim Smalley
You can visit his website HERE.

Jack Kocher
You can visit his website HERE.

Matt Munger
You can visit his website HERE.

Oliver Schlembach


Gerhard Gasch

Chris Nutting

Duane Ward

Mike Keating

Mike McCrea

Charles Cleveland

Gary McGee

Thank you very much and best always --